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Build a stronger business with us: Simplify merchandising. Improve customer experience. Maximize revenue in every channel. Get control.

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Inventory Synchronization


Catalog hundreds of items with our intuitive system. You'll soon find your entire inventory is easily organized and accessible.


Order Workflow


Every order that goes through our system is data we bring to you. Lost orders will be a thing of the past, and neatly structured in your system.


Prepare & Enrich


Detailed reporting with digestible data will let you know the status of your company. Always be informed with our robust reporting feature.




Manage your accounts with nChannel. Save money by keeping close track on your sales.

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    • How We Can Help

      Use the cloud to connect and sync data from the systems you already own.

      Choose the connections you need to begin syncing and managing Multi-Channel data.

      In less than a day you can create bridges between your systems and your nChannel portal.

      How We Can Help

      You may be feeling the aches and pains of rapid growth. Your ERP is a mess, and you may be potentially losing money, because you cannot keep up with all of the data your outlets are pulling in. nChannel can streamline this process by connecting it all together.

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    Talk to an nChannel expert anytime — we are here to help. We are a team of real people who can provide direction and answer any questions you might have. No voicemails and we provide 100% local USA support.


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    Increase Sales, Improve Customer Service and Optimize Inventory

    nChannel is simplifying multi-channel sales and supply chain processes for any company that sells via one or many web stores, through brick-and-mortar stores, and to business customers or consumers! nChannel provides an easy, cloud based subscription service that quickly links a company’s existing web stores, back office systems and POS software. nChannel enables these solutions to work together seamlessly so you can increase sales, improve customer service and optimize inventory.

    There's no question. We could not have achieved this growth without our nChannel platform. It paid for itself fast. Now it saves hours and money every day.

    Mike’s Archery

    Owner and GM, Bryan Dickess

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    We make specials show up faster, and specify in advance when they start and stop. Even better, once we attract a new customer from a less-agile retailer, we keep them.

    Midwest Photo Exchange

    President, Moishe Appelbaum

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    Looking for a Partner?

    nChannel works with a network of partners to offer an array of expertise and services for building ecommerce sites, setting up point of sale systems and much more.

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