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Why We're Here

Multichannel selling is way too complicated! We are fiercely dedicated to simplifying it.

The World Is Changing

And it's never going back.

Everything in commerce has changed. The way retailers sell to customers has changed. The way suppliers sell to retailers has changed. Consumers' expectations are at an all-time high, and now they are in the driver seat. We're in the middle of a retail revolution, from which there will be no return.

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What We Believe

Companies who want to win should have what they need to win.

We're here to support retailers and suppliers who understand the need to go beyond anything they've ever had to do before. We're here to help companies see a new reality. If you are a company who wants to win, we are here to give you the tools you need to win.

  • Software you need to build a multichannel operation
  • Strategic advice from seasoned experts
  • Knowledge that keeps you informed and challenged
  • Confidence that you can evolve with your market
  • Flexibility to seize new opportunities quickly and easily

A Unique Approach

We approach the problem differently to help you approach it differently.

We approach the multichannel operations problem systematically and sensibly. Our goal is to help transform our customers into leaders in their markets. By making the strategies, tactics, and technologies of the market giants accessible to our customers, they are empowered to compete and win against organizations with bigger budgets and bigger belt sizes.


Architecture Innovation

Build a platform that scales with your business.

We implement a hub-spoke architecture that integrates your existing retail systems. Our platform, hosted in the cloud, facilitates communication between those systems, by translating their data into a common language. That means when you add, remove, or change systems, it becomes as simple as plugging them in to the platform that is already built to accept them. Growing doesn’t have to mean rebuilding.


More Than Synchronization

Synchronizing data across systems is only the beginning.

Our architecture positions us to offer far more than just synchronization. All your data flows through our platform. That means we can expose data insights that quantify your entire business. It also means you have an operational hub that you can use to manage the data and processes that touch every part of your business. None of this is possible using antiquated, point-to-point integrations.


What We Offer Multichannel...Simplified

You don't need a seven-figure IT budget to win whatever market you're trying to win. Our cloud-based software solutions give you the power to sell like the industry leaders.

Connectors Solutions

Business Intelligence

You've got a lot of data flowing through your systems. Use to unlock insights and drive business decisions.

Product Information Management

Organize, attribute, and define all your products in one place. No more copying and pasting. No more manual entry.

Supply Chain Management

Be smarter about your supply chain, using dynamic workflows and automated decision making.

Customer Experience Management

Create a better experience for your customer, by keeping a closer eye on what they care about: their orders.

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