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From the sale at the register or web site to fulfilling the order and managing suppliers, our goal is to make your business run smoother at all points so you can grow it faster.

nChannel provides sellers with the tools to manage multichannel operations with unprecedented ease and flexibility. Our cloud-based application suite connects existing eCommerce, POS, and financial systems while orchestrating sales processes such as product information management, inventory synchronization and order management through a highly agile and intuitive workspace. To gain insight into buyer trends, nChannel also provides valuable business intelligence through a single dashboard that measures company-wide sales performance metrics down to the hour.

Using nChannel's Any Channel Operations Management AppSuite, subscribers become better sellers. Products are managed and merchandised smarter, orders are routed and fulfilled more efficiently, inventory is better controlled and customers are serviced with more precision and value. Our customers see significant growth after becoming subscribers - both by adding channels and by increasing volume in each one. Imagine what the possibilities could be if you became an nChannel subscriber too.

Our Management Team

Kristin Maxwell

President and Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Lunka

Chief Operating Officer

Brenda Murdock

VP of Sales

Matt Huth

Director of Software Development

Our Story

nChannel was hatched from a culmination of retailers telling our founders that they needed help. Their choices were to:
1. Host a talk show and invite retailers to discuss their woes
2. Offer their wisdom and guidance as psychologists to the retail industry
3. Build a solution that would actually solve their problems

Luckily for everyone involved, they chose #3.

In 2008, Steve Weber, a point-of-sale and retail business process guru, drew on his experience as an executive at Sterling Commerce, a Microsoft retail solutions partner and as a subcontractor to Battelle supporting a major retail integration project with the Marine Corps, to design a robust integration engine and promote it through business relationships he formed through the Microsoft channel. About the same time, Jeff Grundey, a financial integration expert and one of Steve’s former clients, began his own practice providing financial services to small businesses, using Steve’s application as his foundation.

The company and product were called RetailLabs. By 2011, however, Steve and Jeff realized that the need for integration went way beyond point-to-point exchange of financial data. There were dozens of business processes that could contribute significantly to the bottom line if they were integrated. Multiply those processes by “n” number of sales channels and there was a real opportunity to dramatically improve operations for any type of seller, including manufacturers and distributors.

With nChannel acting as the control tower at the center of their sales activity, managing processes and connecting disparate systems, companies up and down the supply chain could increase revenue, lower cost, achieve greater visibility and gain more control over everything from merchandising and orders to inventory and customer service. And so after a 10-year professional relationship, Steve and Jeff formed nChannel in 2011.

To build out the operational platform, they called on one of the best software designers they knew, Chris Brown, CTO of Woodcraft retail stores and also a RetailLabs customer. Based on his experience with the highly successful, eCommerce-driven retailer, Chris was able to design a platform that met even the most minute need of sellers and hire a talented team to build out the SaaS application.

Today, nChannel processes hundreds of thousands of transactions across multiple industries through its subscription-based multichannel operations management suite. Servicing businesses of all sizes, nChannel takes the complexity out of selling through multiple channels while helping companies be better sellers through product information management tools and customer experience apps and opportunistically collecting pertinent data as transactions are processed to help companies improve every aspect of their sales operations, including order management, business intelligence and supply chain integration.

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