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Overcome the challenges of data integration with nChannel

nChannel is a SaaS software that empowers retailers, wholesalers, and technologists with integration tools to sync data and automate processes among eCommerce, ERP, POS and 3PL systems. With deep industry expertise and proven customer support, nChannel’s cloud-based software delivers pre-built and configurable integration solutions for B2C and B2B merchants with demanding omnichannel operations.

We integrate with a breadth of endpoint systems to automate high-volume data transactions with accuracy and transparency from order fulfillment to inventory synchronization and supply chain management. We enable merchants to scale their online business across new sales channels and fulfillment processes by driving revenue and reducing operating costs.

Our Leadership Team

Jeff Grundey

President & CEO

John Schneider

Chief Operating Officer

Our Story

For over a decade, nChannel has helped merchants integrate their systems and improve their operations. What began as basic point-to-point financial integration has grown to a SaaS integration solution that process hundreds of thousands of data transactions for merchants and wholesalers across multiple industries.

We had learned that Merchants needed to automate dozens of business processes across an “n” number of sales channels like eCommerce, marketplaces, and in-store. All sellers, even manufacturers and distributors, could dramatically improve operations through system integration. In 2011, nChannel was created to meet the evolving commerce challenges faced by B2C and B2B merchants. Our SaaS integration solution leverages open APIs and SFTP (flat-file) to provide scalable and flexible integration solutions between eCommerce, POS, ERP and 3PL systems to automate processes from order fulfillment to inventory synchronization and supply chain management.

Today, our team empowers merchants and wholesalers with demanding omnichannel operations to overcome the challenges of data integration by leveraging our deep retail industry experience and following system integration best practices.

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