Customer Experience Management

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Delight Your Customers

Create customer experiences that will turn one-time customers into lifetime fans.

Consistent Brand

Create a consistent brand experience across all your channels, whether online or offline.

Better Returns

Implement advanced return processes, like "buy online, return in store".

Fulfill Orders

Keep customers informed about orders, clearly and accurately. Get orders into their hands quickly.

A lot goes on behind the scenes of an exceptional customer experience. The right data needs to be in the right place. Systems need to be integrated in a specific way. Employees must be empowered to see the customer's entire situation. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building the infrastructure to support great retail customer experiences. nChannel has made that infrastructure more accessible.

The nChannel Customer Experience Management (CXM) App gives your team the tools to create the best possible retail experience for your customers. It ensures the right information is always in the right hands. Delight your customers to make sure they return, again and again.

Keep track of order status and order history
Centralize customer data to keep it accurate and accessible
Streamline your returns processing to ensure data accuracy
Provide customers with multiple return options, even across channels
Implement service level monitoring for order fulfillment
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